You may have caught the subtle reference in the last blog post. Now I will beat you over the head with it. Welcome to Aidan Aziz. He was born on June 11. For everyone who had shoot with me leading up to June 11, thank you for being patient while I threw up in the […]

I may have taken these photos about six months ago. Time flies! Oops! We went to MacTaggart Sanctuary to blow bubbles and ride on daddy’s shoulders. It was super fun until I had to throw up in the bushes because of hyperemesis gravidarum, Grace had to go potty and we’re pretty sure daddy stepped in dog doodoo. Things […]

Holy announcement! Big things are happening this summer. We’re finally finishing our walk-out basement with the intention of having a natural light studio space. I’m, like, vibrating. That’s how excited I am. I snapped a quick photo after the team from Diamond Contracting was here to prime the new drywall. It already looks so different […]

To say this is a bit of a confidence boost is an understatement. I entered a photography competition for the first time in my career. I did not expect to do well. I did not know what to expect, really. I’m not one for competition (unless it’s on the court). I picked four sort of […]

Hey everybody! Here’s a shoot I did with the Ignacio family. Renee and I used to work together a long time ago. Every now and again we bump into each other downtown on lunch breaks. Sometimes, one of us shares a Facebook post that resonates with the other and that usually jogs one of our memories that, […]

I had a shoot with Jen and Randy and their little one, Ellis, just before it started snowing in Edmonton. Jen is a fantastically talented graphic designer. I’ve worked with her for a couple of years. She helped me create a magazine awhile back. It was awesome. Turns out, I’ve known Randy a whole lot […]

Holy crap! It’s here. Welcome to the all-new website and blog for Aminah Syed Photography. Everything makes sense now, like, why Aminah has absent from social functions. She kept sending you two identical photos and you thought you were supposed to spot the difference but really she wanted you to pick the very very very […]

Hi guys, Holy crap! I think I just launched my new website and blog all by myself. Stay tuned for posts. Here’s a picture of champagne to celebrate!